Game Day Recipes: Warm up your tailgate with a touch of comfort


As the winter chill sets in, there’s nothing like gathering with friends and family to keep warm and share unforgettable moments during tailgate celebrations. Remember those comforting dishes from abuela’s kitchen? Those were the heart of our gatherings. At Juanita’s, we bring that same heartwarming essence to your tailgate, making every game day even more special.

Family Traditions Meet Tailgate Warmth:

We all cherish the memories of cozying up with loved ones, savoring dishes that not only fill our stomachs but also our hearts. Each dish tells a story, an echo of our shared heritage and unity. And when it’s game day, these recipes are what fuel our spirits and body, creating new memories together.

Our Go-to Huddle Dishes:

These recipes have been favorites for years, always delivering that extra kick of flavor to our gatherings. Essential for every tailgate, they’re the tried-and-true dishes we can count on.

Menudo: Kick things off with our classic Menudo, just like how abuela used to make.

Pozole: Share stories over a pot of Pozole, warming hearts one spoonful at a time.

Albóndigas: These savory Albóndigas are pure comfort, reminding us of family dinners.

Classic Chili with Hominy: A staple in many of our homes, this Chili with tender Hominy always hits the spot.

Fan Favorites:

Torta Ahogada: Dive into the Torta Ahogada, a sandwich we’ve all come to love.

Esquites Hummus: A playful blend of our traditions, the Esquites Hummus is always a hit.

Nachoriqueso: Nothing says fiesta like a pot of bubbling Choriqueso, right?

Made To Share Nacho Board: Gather around with Juanita’s Homestyle Tortilla Chips, and let everyone create their perfect bite.

Overtime Fuel:

Tamales: Unwrap the joy of Tamales, a nod to our shared heritage.

Enchiladas: Who can resist Enchiladas, filled and rolled to perfection?

Stuffed Burgers: A modern touch, our Cheese Stuffed Burgers never disappoint.

Taco Board: A spread of toppings and fillings, making every taco a personal masterpiece.

At Juanita’s, we’re all about rekindling those shared memories and traditions. We’re here to make sure every tailgate feels like a family reunion. So, whether you’re celebrating a win or simply enjoying the company, know that with our Game Day Huddle Recipes, every gathering will be a touchdown. Light up the grill, lay out the spread, and let’s make memories together.

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