Hosting a Family-Friendly Tailgate


Football season is in full swing, and that means one thing—it’s tailgate time. Tailgating is about more than just grilling and game-day hype; it’s a chance to come together with friends and family to celebrate, laugh, and create lifelong memories. But let’s be honest, tailgates can sometimes be more adult-focused. So how do you make it family-friendly and ensure that everyone from the toddlers to the abuelitos has a blast? Here’s your guide.

Comfort Food That Brings People Together

Nothing unites people quite like food, and at a family-friendly tailgate, you want to serve dishes that all ages will love. Classic hits like BBQ chicken, burgers, and hot dogs are a must. But why not add some familiar Juanita’s Foods favorites to the mix, like Menudo or Pozole? These warm soups are the ultimate comfort foods that remind you of family gatherings back home. They’re not only delicious but also simple to prepare and serve.

Seamless Transition: Food and Games

While food makes a tailgate memorable, games and activities set the stage for family fun. Including games that involve everyone ensures that your tailgating experience transcends being more than just the big game; it becomes an event that the whole family looks forward to. Plus, they give the youngsters something to do and bridges the gap between the meals and the excitement of the game.

Games for All Ages


Who doesn’t love a good game of Cornhole? This is a game that everyone can enjoy. Consider getting a set with boards that have a personal touch. It adds a layer of familiarity, making it much more than just a game—it’s a family activity.

Signature Drinks

Move over, soda and beer! It’s time to mix things up with a fun, family-friendly mocktail! Make a game out of it by creating a signature tailgate drink that you can serve every time your team scores. This way, everyone has a reason to cheer, not just the adults.


Sure, Bingo’s fun… but Loteria takes it to the next level! The vibrant cards not only offer a lively environment but also bring a twist to the standard tailgating games with a board game that we all love to play. 

Mini Soccer

Sure, we’re at a football game, but who says you can’t kick around a soccer ball too? A mini-penalty shootout can be a lot of fun and gets everyone involved.

Extra Touches

Add family-friendly music to your tailgate playlist. Maybe a mix of Top 40 hits, some classic rock, and, of course, a sprinkle of Latin favorites that will get the whole family dancing. Don’t forget some cozy blankets and portable phone chargers to make everyone comfortable.

Remember, tailgating is a family affair when done right. So go ahead, fire up that grill, pour some of that signature mocktail, and let’s make your next tailgate a cherished family memory.

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